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Offering Flat Fee Services For An Agreed Upon Divorce

At The Law Office of Marjorie Sher, I understand that the financial aspects of divorce can be daunting for many. I offer divorce clients in Lake County the option of a flat fee divorce. For many clients, this method can provide an efficient and relatively inexpensive resolution to their divorce proceedings and help them move toward the next chapter of their life.

When Might An Agreed Upon Divorce Suit Your Situation?

While an agreed upon divorce may not be for everyone, this divorce option may be the right fit for some couples. Questions to ask when deciding whether a flat fee divorce is a good fit for your situation include:

  • Do you and your spouse agree to obtain a divorce?
  • Do you and your spouse have full knowledge and understanding of each other’s finances and property?
  • Do you and your spouse agree to the division of your property?
  • Do you and your spouse agree to the division of your debt?
  • If you have children, do you and your spouse agree as to decision making and parenting time with your children?
  • Do you and your spouse agree to complete and return necessary forms in a timely fashion?

Answering yes to these questions could indicate that you qualify for a flat fee agreed divorce. The benefits of an agreed upon flat fee divorce are that you know the fee and the costs before the case begins and you will be able to obtain the divorce in a dignified, prompt and efficient manner.

For this type of case, you will pay a flat fee of $2,500 plus filing fees for each spouse and other costs. This flat fee covers the preparation of necessary documents, as well as one court appearance wherein your divorce will be finalized.

When Should You Consider Other Options?

A flat fee agreed divorce is not an option for every couple. However, other approaches involving a traditional retainer and billable hourly rates for services provided rather than a flat fee are available.

If you and your spouse do not agree on aspects of the divorce or you do not have a full understanding of his or her finances, you may wish  to explore other options. Discussing these disagreements or gaps in knowledge with an experienced attorney can help you resolve issues of parenting time, child support, maintenance and division of assets.

Reach Out To An Attorney To Explore Your Options

Whether a flat fee agreed divorce is a good fit for you and your spouse or you need to consider other options, discussing your situation with an attorney can offer necessary insight. To discuss your goals with an experienced family law attorney, contact The Law Office of Marjorie Sher at 847-249-2830 or reach out online.