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Offering Alternatives To Divorce Litigation

While some couples fight out their divorce in a courtroom, other options are available to couples who wish to avoid this conflict. Mediation offers divorcing couples the option to negotiate their divorce agreement, working together toward a resolution that is satisfactory to both parties.

At The Law Office of Marjorie Sher, I know that creating  your own solution can help you maintain control over the decisions affecting your life and avoid the emotional and financial costs of a litigated divorce. I am a certified mediator and I help divorcing couples in Lake County work together to resolve their concerns rather than leaving  important decisions about their family up to the court.

How Can Mediation Resolve Family Law Concerns?

Mediation is a voluntary process that can only proceed with the consent of both parties. It is available for married and unmarried people. In mediation, couples work together with the guidance of a mediator to make decisions about their divorce settlement, parenting plan and other important family law matters. The impartial mediator does not represent either spouse, but instead facilitates couples’ conversations and helps them make informed, practical and fair decisions.

In addition to helping couples maintain peace and avoid stress, mediation can also be less time-consuming and significantly less expensive than other options. The process of mediation may take between two and six hours, not including time to prepare the necessary legal documents.

Discuss Your Family Law Matter With An Experienced Attorney

Mediation offers many an alternative to the stress and costs of a litigated divorce. To learn more about mediation services from The Law Office of Marjorie Sher, contact my office at 847-249-2830 or by email to schedule an initial appointment.